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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure communication between sites without the expense of leased lines. VPNs are used to transport traffic over the Internet of any insecure network that uses TCP/IP communications. A Site-to-Site VPN (router-to-router) allows multiple sites to network their resources together into one network. Scenario:

VPN — IPsec — Configuring a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN The VPN handles managing the secure connection to the other peers, including ensuring that the peer is authorized and that the traffic is encrypted between the peers. Current best practices dictate that any circuit leaving a site must not be trusted, so a VPN is advised even over a dedicated private circuit.

To configure a Site to Site VPN between 2 Peers ; one with a Dynamic IP and the other with a static IP a dynamic crypto map is used. However as the static based peer will be unaware of the remote peers IP the VPN can only be initated from the dynamic side.

-- This question is a non-meraki VPN peer, not Meraki auto VPN. Question 3, If source IP and destination IP are specified in "SD-WAN & traffic shaping" Flow preferences> Internet traffic, will it take precedence over non-meraki VPN peers sett - No, the Meraki will only form a VPN to a non-Meraki VPN peer on the chosen primary uplink [SOLVED] sonicwall vpn client: failed to convert the peer Jun 06, 2014