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Jun 16, 2012 FightBack Forums > No MOT Police car with ANPR flashed me Ok can these ANPR cameras catch vehicle with no Mot or do they just work when you have no insurance or tax. As in my situation the police car was right behind me so either the car was not fitted with ANPR which I do doubt as it was a saloon police car and have been told these cars all have ANPR cameras fitted, just to clarify it wasn't a subaru. Mobile ANPR - Mosy - Intelligent Public Safety ANPR has major benefits. According to statistics of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, up to 70% of serious crime is linked to the theft of motor vehicles or their use in committing crimes. Analyses and statistics show that ANPR systems are particularly useful in locating stolen cars and missing persons, and with investigating robberies and kidnappings. Topic: Heathrow ANPR cameras – Business Traveller Jun 23, 2019

Yes they can. They can also tell if the car is insured and whether VED (Vehicle excise duty, the ‘road tax’) is paid and up to date. (Note for Americans: VED is pretty much identical to the fee’s you pay for your licence plates, though not quite a

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You don’t provide much context for your question, but on the face of it, no, it’s fairly obvious that an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system can’t provide details of the driver’s licence, because the ANPR system can’t detect who’s dri ANPR Cameras: UK Driver's Survival Guide