Oct 24, 2018 · Google is making it easier for users to delete their search history. Previously, users had to visit their Google account landing page to see and erase past queries, but now it's possible to do

To search for something specific, use the search bar at the top. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click History History. Check the box next to each item that you want How to delete Google search history - CNBC Oct 24, 2018 How to Delete Your Google Search History in a Few Easy Apr 12, 2018

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Jul 05, 2020 · Delete Google search history. Google keeps a record of all your activities on a separate page, Google My Activity, and allows you to clear them either individually or in bulk from there. It will show your search and browsing history in detail along with the browser name, device type, time of visit, websites, and mobile apps opened, etc. 2 days ago · How to Automatically Delete Google Maps Search History on iPhone & iPad. First of all, make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Google Maps from the App Store. You need to be logged into Google Maps with your Google account in order to take advantage of this nifty auto-delete history feature. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Jul 20, 2019

What’s new in Google activity history. As explained in its blog post, Google is enabling its auto-delete feature by default for all users signing in to Google for the first time. The search giant has confirmed that app usage and search history of users will be set to delete automatically after 18 months. May 01, 2019 · Google announced today that users can now automatically schedule Google browser history to be deleted on a 3-month or 18-month schedule. The option allows users to “set it and forget it” to Jul 20, 2020 · Aaj main aapko batane wala hun ki Google per search Kari hui history ko delete kaise Aapane Dekha Hoga ki aap YouTube mein ya Google per kuchh bhi search search karte hain to Google per jakar add