Whenever the VPN client (v3.6) tries to access the VPN, it displays the login screen. After entering the username and password, you will receive “Secure VPN connection terminated locally. Reason 413: user authentication failed”.

I'm able to successfully connect to the VPN my Windows 10 laptop, but when I try to connect my iPhone using the same username and password, I get the following message: User authentication failed The iPhone is using iOS 12.1. Reason 413: User Authentication Failed What kind of device are you using to terminate the VPN connection (ASA, router, etc)? How is that device configured to authenticate the users (local database on the box, LDAP, RADIUS, etc). The VPN worked for a few days. Now, it doesn?t work (it may be some configurations changed). Whenever the VPN client (v3.6) tries to access the VPN, it displays the login screen. After entering the username and password, you will receive ?Secure VPN connection terminated locally. Reason 413: user authentication failed?. Any suggestions? If you are presented with a message saying "Authentication Failed" either by any of our VPN apps or in one of the VPN logs, this means that your username and password were not accepted, there are three reasons this usually happens: The account has expired, either deliberately due to having been canceled or unintentionally due to a failed payment.

When I try to connect, it says “User Authentication Failed.” you are still seeing “User Authentication Failed When I try to connect, it says “The VPN

Can't connect to Always On VPN. The connection was prevented because of a policy configured on your RAS/VPN server. Specifically, the authentication method the server used to verify your user name and password may not match the authentication method configured in your connection profile. Jul 24, 2015 · When I close the VPN connection and try to reconnect, I get a popup window that says the VPN Connection Authentication Failed. Looking at the logs on my server, the device successfully authenticates with the server, but then it closes the connection. Rebooting the server makes no difference, the devices are still unable to connect.

VPN Connection terminated locally by the client. Reason

I am the only user trying to login to the ssl vpn as I can see in the firewall log and I am part of the ssl_vpn services group. Any ideas what this could be due to? the laptop is always online as I am able to browse web and so on. Sep 08, 2014 · Has this been happening with anyone else? I keep getting Authentication Failed. It was fine working this morning but now I am keep getting errors. The tech support wasn't useful they checked my account status then told me to try other countries. Edit: I tried like 20 times to connect then I finally connect after 10 mins of anxiety and frustration. Troubleshoot username and password authentication. Check the VPN client settings. Go to the Network Setting by pressing Command + Shift, and then type "VPN" to check the VPN client settings. From the list, click the VPN entry that needs to be investigated. Verify that the Server Address is the complete FQDN and includes the cloudapp.net. The interface either disconnected or no longer has a usable IP address. As a result, the VPN connection attempt failed, or the VPN session or idle time-out expired, halting VPN reconnect attempts. Recommended User Response Repair the network connection or restart the device. Verify network connectivity, then establish a new VPN connection. Jul 12, 2014 · If Auth fails here it had nothing to do with the VPN client. What authentication server are you using? (Firebox/ldap/active directory) Is the user a member of the appropriate group for sslvpn? Do you have the appropriate authentication domain set as default within sslvpn? Oct 30, 2012 · Recommended User Response Retry the VPN connection. Authentication failed. Description Message originated from the Cisco secure gateway. The VPN connection could not be established, most likely because of invalid credentials. Recommended User Response Confirm your credentials and retry the VPN connection. Feb 06, 2013 · Problem: SSTP (PEAP with user certificate authentication) I am using two certificates from Startssl: One for server authentication (which is in use on the SSTP PEAP/MSchapv2 profile) and one user certificate from the same vendor. I have imported the user certificate on a client and configured the vpn connection as follows: SSTP; Use EAP