I'm so confused. I don't know if elites have built in wifi or not. I want to get a xbox 360 but i need to know this. jray1120. It does not have it, only the Xbox 360 slim has Wi-fi.

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i have a 360 and a ps3 and i have them both connected to the internet and i neevr go online, because if you think about, the online games are all the same, a bunch of people trying to kill each

Yes. The Xbox 360 has WIFI capability. Oct 04, 2018 · Most people using an Xbox 360 have Xbox Live in some way. You want to get online with your 360 but you have no way to connect except a wireless connection. The Xbox 360 wireless adapter costs about $100 (£60)(MSRP). But you also have a laptop (or just about any computer with a wireless adapter).

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How To: Add Wi-Fi To Your Xbox 360 Smartly and Cheaply The Xbox 360 is the best console you can buy. Except it's inexplicably missing something the Wii and PS3 have: Wi-Fi. You could buy Microsoft's $90 dongle. Or you could follow our guide. Which xbox 360 has built in wifi? | Yahoo Answers