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net view to get a list of computers. If you have a computer's name, try net view \\computer to get a list of shares. Once you know what share you're after, you want to go with net use. Map a drive with net use x: \\computer\share (replace X: with the drive letter you want to assign). MS-DOS and Windows command line net command Jun 30, 2020 SHARE Sign-in Forgot your password? Need help? SHARE Information Center Copyright © 2000, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Windows Command Line - Net Share | Net Use | Net View Dec 13, 2014

Jul 12, 2017

Change Windows network share permissions using command Old question, but I recently needed to do this for multiple home shares in order to restrict 'Full Control'. While you could do this at NTFS level, it takes time to apply recursivly, time to reverse, and tools like the ADUC MMC can put the permissions back. Net Use – CMD Commands | Windows Command Line May 18, 2011

net share sharename /delete. For example, to delete the share created above, the command would be as below. net share docs /delete. Alternatively, we can use the folder physical location also to disable sharing. net share E:\Docs /delete. List the shared created on the local computer. net share. Delete the share on a remote computer

Browse other questions tagged windows permissions command-line-interface network-share batch-file or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 248: You can’t pay taxes if the website won’t load NET USE- Connect to a file/print Share (Drive Map) NET VIEW- View file and printer shares When using a NET command in a batch file, you can use the /Y or /N switch to unconditionally answer Yes or No to questions returned by the Net command. “The white man knows how to make everything but he does not know how to distribute it” ~ Sitting Bull May 02, 2011 · The simplest way to share folders is through Windows Explorer and in almost every environment this is a common practice, however, Server core installations are getting more popular in virtualized environments. In case, you need to upload some files to a server core installation, the net share command may save your day! To view any existing shares on your machine you can just type net share