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Nov 30, 2006 · We also tried to run Outlook Web Access and connect to a Java-based Avocent KVM over IP server. With each application, we used a browser-based client to connect to a custom Web portal page linking to each application, and with the network extension client (if it was available for that particular platform). Out of our 65 Web application-only test cases, Juniper's SA SSL VPN nailed 50, followed closely by Nokia's Secure Access System (46), AEP's Netilla Security Platform (45), Aventail's EX-1500 (44 returns an access -accept, but the Juniper SSL VPN does not know which role to map to that user. To resolve this issue, a RADIUS Return Attribute of Filter -Id is added to the role mapping. Adding Filter -Id to a User Realm in Juniper SSL VPN Log into the Juniper SSL VPN Administrative web portal • Go down to the “Users” section Dec 20, 2018 · SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) is the next generation of VPN service, available primarily for system administrators. SSL VPN operates much like traditional VPN, but adds additional connectivity and compatibility, utilizing the same encryption technology used by financial institutions and e-commerce web sites to protect OneLogin Plan for Juniper Networks Single Sign-On . Juniper SA Series SSL VPN provides remote workers secure access to corporate networks without the need for a local client. And with OneLogin’s seamless SAML integration, the SSL VPN becomes completely transparent to the end-user.

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A couple of times in the past month I’ve been asked where a SSL VPN appliance should be deployed in relation to the firewall. In both cases it was relating to the Juniper Secure Access / MAG platform, but best practice should apply equally to any IPSEC or SSL VPN platform, so I thought it would be interesting to walk through the options.. Crazy Legs Product | LoginTC - Simple and Secure Two-Factor LoginTC supports all major Remote Access Providers, Web Access Managers, Outlook Web Access, Cloud services, Remote Desktop and much much more. Anywhere there is a username and password, LoginTC can add an additional layer of security.

Secure remote access using a Juniper SS L VPN limitations, the reasoning behind selecting the Juniper SSL vpn, steps taken to configure and secure the installation and a discussion of relevant security (Outlook Web Access) for employees to access email via https over the internet.

I'm working with a secure customer who's looking at opening up Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS) to their Exchange 2010 environment, but they also want to restrict the OA access only to known external machines. They already have SA 6500 SSL VPN appliances implemented as part of another secure access use case. juniper web asccess SSL VPN Jul 14, 2011 What's New in Juniper SSL VPN Version 7 Support for Outlook Web Access 2010 through the Rewriter (Core Access) SA 7.0 introduces support for Outlook Web Access 2010 through the Content Intermediation Engine (a.k.a. Rewriter). Customer Benefits • This feature enables customers to upgrade their Exchange environments to 2010 and enable web-based access to emails through the Rewriter. Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN Client Windows Quick