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Martell Coasters,Game of Thrones, House Martell, Game of Thrones Gift,Martell Gift, Oberyn, Red Viper, Pedro Pascal,Prince of Dorne,Trystane TrendyCoasters 5 out of 5 stars (438) $ 29.99 Free shipping Oberyn Martell | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom Prince Oberyn Nymeros Martell, also known as the Red Viper, was a Prince from Dorne and brother to Elia Martell, the murdered wife of Rhaegar Targaryen.He was named the Red Viper for using a poisoned sword to kill a man in a duel to first blood. Oberyn x Shy!reader - Lets ASOIAF Together Oberyn x Shy!reader ((I’ve got writers block…sorry this is so short)) Word Count: 1,073. It was crazy. There was no way in Westeros that the Prince of Dorne, the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell could ever want anything to …

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Game of Thrones - Red Viper's Spear - Valyrian Steel A younger prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell was also a fierce fighter who earned the nickname the "Red Viper." He spent time in the Citadel but quit his studies before earning a full set of links. Prince Oberyn acted as Tyrion Lannister's champion during Tyrion's trial by combat for the murder of King Joffrey. The Red Viper | FanFiction

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Pedro Pascal - IMDb Pedro Pascal, Actor: Game of Thrones. Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-born American actor. He is best known for portraying the roles of Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones and Javier Peña in the Netflix series Narcos. In 2016 he … Pedro Pascal - Wikipedia