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I'm coming to learn that about SQL's trouble with latency and low bandwidth, I was just surprised by the performance hit moving from a 1 Mb/s open connection to a 5 Mb/s VPN connection (the latency isn't a huge difference, and the bandwidth is considerably higher. I've definitely considered Terminal Server as a last resort. i have a problem to establish a connection to a Oracle 11g database, with which i will connect through a VPN Tunnel. The Tunnel is established and i can connect with SQL Developer to the database. But now i want to access this database through SQL*Plus. I know, that i can download just the SQL*Plus client from here: Sep 03, 2018 · Deploy Azure Sql Database Managed Instance (SQL MI) and Virtual network gateway configured for point-to-site connection inside the new virtual network. This Azure Resource Manager template was created by a member of the community and not by Microsoft. Apr 23, 2018 · You should definitely try a different kind of VPN! The team behind Speedify wanted to create a new kind of VPN that was faster and more reliable that the old VPN model. The Speedify protocol is a new type of VPN for mobility that makes your connection more secure, faster, but also keeps you from getting disconnected. sql connection lost over ipsec VPN I have an ipsec vpn-tunnel between fg200 and fg60. When a dbconnection is inactive for some time (15minutes or so), the dbclient program looses its connection to the sql-server. On both devices: Keylife: 28800 Nat-traversal enabled Keepalive Fequency: 5 Dead Peer Detection enabled Any tips on how to resolve this?

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Pretty new to SQL problems, Have a user that connects to sql over vpn. worked fine for about a year, I don't know what changed but now can't connect. When I try to connect via odbc get For a named SQL Server instance, the ports that are used to talk to the SQL Server are by default dynamic. When a client makes a connection to a named instance of SQL Server, it sends a SQL Server Resolution Protocol (SSRP) UDP packet to the server machine User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 1434. In addition, the SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider also defines a new connection string keyword named DataTypeCompatibility that is set in the connection string. Note Existing ADO applications can access and update XML, UDT, and large value text and binary field values using the SQLOLEDB provider. Jul 20, 2008 · When running the same query over the VPN connection, it is taking 20-30 seconds to return all the results. I ran a wireshark trace from the SQL server while running a query, and I am seeing a significant amount of TCP DUP ACKs and a few TCP Fast Retransmissions in the trace data.

Jan 22, 2007 · This class takes a VPN connection name and an IP to ping and will use rasphone.exe to connect and NetworkInformation.Ping to verify connectivity. Every 15 seconds, it checks connectivity and redials as needed. Obviously, the VPN has to have the authentication saved, and redial attempts set to zero.

The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452)". My VPN connection has the option for "Use default gateway on remote network" unchecked for IPv4 and IPv6. Any ideas as to how to prevent the VPN connection from breaking the trust? Although it is possible they don't have VPN connection established due to a credentials issue, and the ping is succeeding only because the server we are pinging is the VPN server which would have to visiable to the client since it's the server through which VPN connections are established.